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Wine Club Perks and Details

Shade Tree offers a Wine Club. The Wine Club is, well, a club. The intent is to provide an opportunity for you wine enthusiasts (and geeks, like us) to expand your wine horizons.

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The Wine Club is, well, a club. The intent is to provide an opportunity for you wine newbies, enthusiasts, and geeks (like us) to expand your wine palate.  Our goal is to have the best wine club in Georgetown and beyond.  We will do this by:

  • Being inclusive. Wine Club is for you and your plus one.  When we host our quarterly Pick-Me-Up Parties, bring your bestie.

  • Giving you choice. You choose 3 wines from 6 hand selected, unique wines and offer them at a discount for our Clubbers.  Taste through the wines and pick the ones you like. . .

  • The Wine Club wine is exclusively for you!  And, we offer it at a discounted rate.  You can buy more bottles until we run out.

  • Pair the wine with food.During the Pick-Me-Up party, you can taste through the wines with specially paired foods to have the full experience. . .

  • Creating a “party to go”. We create a food menu that highlights the selected wines and provide recipes so you can make the meal at home.  Plus, we give you discount cards for 3 of your besties.  Your friends can buy the Club wines at a 10% discount off regular retail rates.  Everyone wins. . .

  • Make it fun.The Pick-Me-Up party is a social gathering for you, your "plus one", and fellow Wine Clubbers.  And with each wine "pick-up", we include a super cool surprise.

  • No obligation. Join us for the quarter, join us for the year. . .  It is up to you.  There is no long-term commitment.

Please download this form and bring it into Shade Tree Wine Bistro

to complete the sign-up process